About Us

Roguevation, Inc. was founded by two Semiconductor Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) industry veterans in September 2009.  The company was established to focus on two key software areas within the Semiconductor Test market not previously addressed by commercially available products – offline software analysis tools and standards-based general purpose ATE operating system (O/S).

Offline software analysis tools that process failing data collected by ATE.  While tools exist for analyzing parametric data collected by ATE, there has been a gap between user requirements and commercial tools that analyze logic failures resulting in many in-house tools.  As logic test strategies shift from behavior to structural using Design for Test (DFT) methodologies, failing data can be cross-referenced with logic design through Roguevation solutions, for failure analysis.

Standards-based general purpose ATE O/S. With advancements in both DFT and commercially available ATE Systems-on-a-Chip (SOC) components, the demand for alternative test platforms can be met by new ATE manufacturers.  However, the investment to make a software operating system that meets the needs of ATE users can be cost and time prohibitive.  With the general purpose ATE O/S from Roguevation, alternative suppliers can benefit from significantly reduced development costs and time to market.