Our “Rogue” approach starts with innovative software and tools that are independent of the hardware… clearly a new approach to ATE solutions. Our focus and expertise is with the software, so you get the best possible user interface and programming interface. Hardware can be developed and deployed with the software, providing full-featured software combined with low-cost alternative hardware, eliminating long development schedules and high costs.  

Roguevation amortizes software development costs across multiple hardware platforms, which results in the lowest possible cost to each end user.   Since the software is tester independent and integrated to each hardware platform through custom DLL’s, the platform development time yields the fastest time to market. As the software is standards based, end-user integration is easy. 

In the ultra-competitive semiconductor industry, fastest time to market is essential. Roguevation solutions are available now and can immediately help you get your systems to market without the traditionally long software development times.

Roguevation offers software solutions for ATE hardware, and software tools to analyze data collected from ATE hardware based on industry standards. Learn about our solutions:


           DFT-based software Failure Analysis Ensemble


           STIL-based ATE Operating System