Symphony leverages DFT to illuminate logic test fail data

Symphony is a DFT-based software Failure Analysis Ensemble that extracts information from multiple data sources. Symphony will read test fail data from any ATE platform. It cross-references this with design data from EDA tools to transform raw fail data into design-correlated faults. 


  • Read STDF or text log files and view parametric data in histogram, pareto, and line display modes.
  • Read STIL pattern files and transform scan pattern signal/cycle failures to internal scan cells.
  • Decode scan compressor and serializer logic using descriptions in STIL pattern files.
  • Read LEF/DEF files and transform failing scan cells to display component locations in layout.
  • Filter displayed data by lot id, wafer id, x/y die coordinate, part id, bin number, test id, scan cells, and parametric results.
  • Advanced filter processing to select fail candidates with Signature / Die / Match algorithms.

Symphony is the “must have” tool for Failure Analysis and Yield Analysis applications.